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Exploring the 6 Loan Services Offered by Lenditt India- Your Financial Buddy!

In the imaginary world, someday or the other, everyone might have wished to win a lottery and get thousands of rupees and the willingness to fulfil their dreams. Correct? 

Coming back to the real world, I might not have a lottery ticket for you, but I have the next best alternative—Lenditt India! Yes, you heard that right; instead, you read that right! 

Introduction to Lenditt India

Lenditt India is an RBI-approved NBFC, making getting a loan easier than a Bank. As your financial buddy, they make money matters way more manageable. Lenditt India Loans are known for their quick service, transparency, reliability, and--offers the top 6 Online Loan Services in India designed to meet your financial requirements. These include Personal Loans for quick cash needs, Consumer Durable Loans for purchasing household items, Medical Emergency Loans for unexpected healthcare costs, Bike Loans for affordable transportation, Mobile on EMIs for smartphone ownership, and Travel Loans for fulfilling your wanderlust. 

Each of the above Loan Services is designed for the user’s convenience and financial needs, making Lenditt India a go-to financial buddy for many. Let’s explore each loan service in detail.  Instant Personal Loan

An Instant Personal Loan is an unsecured loan provided by Banks, Credit Unions, and NBFCs- Non-Banking Financial Companies to an individual to cover unexpected costs when faced with a personal financial crisis. It lets you quickly access cash to fund unexpected emergencies or planned purchases. 

Purpose of an Instant Personal Loan from Lenditt

Vacation Expenses

Insurance Payments

Medical Emergencies 

Event Organising


Purchasing Gadgets & Electronics

Mobile Purchase

Agricultural Needs

Fitness and Wellness

Debt Consolidation

Home Renovations

Furniture Purchase

Pet Care

Vehicle Purchase & Repair

Shopping & Fashion 

  1. Instant Medical Loan

No one should face a medical emergency, but what if you did? 

Don’t worry; a Medical Loan designed by Lenditt provides quick access to funds to cover medical expenses. Lenditt's Medical Loan aims to eliminate financial stress and become your first medicine. We promise to cover your medical expenses and focus more on recovery.  

Purpose of an Instant Medical Loan from Lenditt

Medical emergencies

Hospital Bills

Emergency Surgeries & Operations

Diagnostic Tests

Consultations, Medications & Therapies

Dental Treatments

Vision Care

Orthopedic Care

Maternity and Childbirth

Home Care Services

Medical Equipment

Health Check-ups

Veterinary Care

Ambulance Services

Rehabilitation Services


  1. Instant Travel Loan

Instant Travel Loans are primarily intended to pay for travel-related expenses. It helps spread the vacation cost over time, making travelling more financially manageable. Lenditt India Services aims to provide quick access to fund your travel needs. This speedy process is particularly beneficial for travellers who need to make last-minute bookings and have wanderlust. We want you to focus on packing your bags rather than spending. 

Purpose of an Instant Travel Loan from Lenditt



Travel Insurance

Tour Guides

Local Transportation

Adventure Activities/Sports

Tour Packages

Cruise Vacations

Family/Friends Reunions

  1. Instant Bike Loan

A bike loan is a secured loan lent explicitly for purchasing a motorcycle or scooter. Instant bike loans often act as game-changers in two-wheeler financing, giving individuals the quick cash to ride on their dream bike. You can purchase your favourite bike anytime with Lenditt's Instant Bike Loan option. We offer a quick application and fast-approval loan process, ensuring you get your dream bike today. 

Purpose of an Instant Bike Loan from Lenditt

Custom Modifications

Maintenance & Repairs Costs

Upgrading to a Better Model

DP of a New 2-Wheeler

Learning 2-Wheeler

Paying EMIs

  1. Instant Mobile Loan

A mobile loan is specifically designed to purchase mobile phones. It allows consumers to buy new smartphones by paying in instalments, especially when they need an urgent replacement or upgrade to the latest version. Lenditt provides a flexible and accessible way for individuals to stay up-to-date with mobile technology.

Purpose of an Instant Mobile Loan from Lenditt

Purchasing second-hand phone

Purchasing a new phone

Buying Accessories

Educational Use

Office Work



Gaming Purpose 


Music & Podcasts


E-books & Audiobooks

Mobile Banking

Investment & Trading

Digital Wallets/Transactions

Safety & Security

  1. Instant Consumer Durable Loan

An Instant Consumer Durable Loan is a financial solution designed to help individuals purchase household items such as electronics, appliances, and furniture without immediate full payment. Bring home the latest appliances and gadgets without financial strain.

Purpose of an Instant Consumer Durable Loan from Lenditt

Home Improvement

Lifestyle Enhancement

Health and Wellness Equipment

Entertainment Systems

New Furniture 

Work-from-Home Setup

Home Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Electronic Gadgets

Water Conservation

Musical Instruments

Educational Gadgets


The 6 loan services offered by Lenditt India demonstrate that it stands out as a robust financial partner for many borrowers. It provides customised loan options designed to meet individual's sudden expenses and emergencies. The word 'instant' implies that the loan application process, approval, and disbursement are quick, often occurring within minutes with minimal paperwork. These loans don't require any collateral submission and are determined by an individual's creditworthiness. Lenditt India emerges as a financial solutions provider and a genuine financial buddy— Safe, Secure, Responsive, Reliable, and ready to support its customers.

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