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Responsible Lending

Lenditt is a platform facilitating loan transactions between borrowers and the NBFCs. All loan applications are approved and sanctioned by NBFCs registered with RBI and communicated upfront during the Loan application

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Our Primary partnered NBFC – Chinmay Finlease Limited is a Certified NBFC under Section 45 IA of RBI Act, 1934 by the Reserve Bank of India to hold/accept deposits from the public.


We always ensure that we are transparent with our customers and help customers make informed decision. To ascertain this:

  1. We work only with RBI-certified NBFCs, and the lender’s name is always in the loan agreement.

  2. We show all charges to the customer upfront and don’t have any hidden fees.

  3. We display all the Terms & Conditions upfront so that the customer knows the agreement details.

  4. We never mislead or confuse the customer via deceptive advertisement.

  5. We provide a detailed FAQ section on the app and have a customer support team available in case the customer doubts that aren’t addressed.


Lastly, we understand that unexpected circumstances arise. However, the customers need to be treated fairly and need to be given enough time and opportunity to repay the loan. We assist the borrowers in case of hardship without indulging or tolerating any malpractices to recover the money:

  1. We never mislead or threaten the customer to make payment.

  2. We never create fake legal notices from government bodies or use logos or stamps of bodies such as RBI, CBI, UIDAI, Tax department, etc.

  3. We ensure that all our legal notices are sent on authorized letterheads from our partners

    1. Labdhi C Shah, Advocate

    2. Add Other Names.

If you find any suspicious activities, please report them to We are here to help you in every way possible as a responsible lender.

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