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Travel loan

Craving to visit new places as this pandemic has arrested all of us into our homes for more than years. But does the financial crisis hit you too? No worries, here is a smart option to avail of a short-term travel loan with online lenders like Lenditt. You can easily get a loan for foreign trip. and easily decide on your holiday destination that suits your budget and time. You can turn your dream vacation into a reality without many financial crunches and take care of all your travel expenses. Gone are the days where you didn't have to wait for anyone to offer you financially

Get from ₹10,000 up to ₹50,000

Instant Disbursal

Get Instant Disbursal within 10 minutes upon successful 

document, employment and KYC verification.

No Documentation*

No Physical Document or

branch visit required,

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Lenditt is India's #1 Smart Lending App which offers smart features to avail benefits on the go. 

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Why do you need finance for smartphone?

  • Do you need to replace your outdated phone?

  • Want a high-end model but can't afford it?

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We've long passed the stage where cell phones were a luxury, now they have become a necessity for everyone. The cell phone has been an era-defining piece of technology since it is your entryway to all of humanity's knowledge and daily capabilities – from simple actions like calculating or calling people to sophisticated tasks like surfing the internet to view videos or utilize social media.

You can get loans from a bank, financial institutions, or another mobile app on EMI of your choice. But with the Lenditt app for mobile loan, you can get a personal line of credit that's both flexible and easy.

Travel Loan In India

Lenditt offers a loan for a trip which is simply an unsecured personal loan that can be used for travel and can be used for planning your tour itineraries.

Get ready for a wonderful trip and memories by knowing how to apply for a travel loan with Lenditt.

You can start planning a vacation with your family or friends to recharge yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can start enjoying your dream vacations to rejuvenate your mind and body. Forget your financial worries with Lenditt travel loan online as this helps you to pay for your ticket bookings, hotel accommodation, food, transportation.


With Lenditt Personal Travel Loans you can avail of Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000. You can get to explore different places, cultures, and cuisines. As you do not require any collateral and can apply for a vacation loan at a low interest.

Holiday Loan

Your dream vacation cannot remain a fantasy anymore and lack of funds should not be a hurdle for pursuing any interesting journey. It is important to plan your travel in a budget-friendly fashion.

Get ready to give your parents a travel plan, lack of funds should never be a reason to cancel your travel plans. We all might have shelved our travel plans due to our work schedules, health issues, lack of funds and the global pandemic is one of the reasons also these days that people don’t travel much.


If you are looking to revive your travel plans then just look on to Lenditt to apply for a personal loan for travel with the necessary documents and an email id. You just have to plan your vacation across the beach, hills, or snow-covered ranges, a cruise, and an international trip.

Take a personal loan for a holiday trip

  • You can apply for a travel loan in India for a holiday trip. Lenditt App offers a maximum of up to Rs.50,000. It is a short-term unsecured personal loan with a period of three months. Your repayment can be done in the form of EMIs. Besides this, a personal loan for a holiday is designed to afford the travel of your dreams and meet your requirements like air tickets, hotel booking, shopping, or funding adventure activities and other tours.

How To Apply For Mobile Loan With Lenditt

You just need to download the app, fill in your details and upload your documents. Get your instant loan without CIBIL score with minimal documentation.

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